About Our Program
Day 1
10 Mar 2023


Greeting Remarks from Belinda Balluku, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Energy of Albania

Greeting Remarks from Ilir Beqaj, General Director /NIPAC State Agency for Strategic Programming and Aid Coordination (SASPAC)

Greeting Remarks from Alessandro D’Oria, President of Foreign Investors Association of Albania

Belinda Balluku

Opening Session

Opening Session and Moderation by Ekaterina Solovova, Head of Albania – EBRD

FIRESIDE CHAT (Online Intervention)

Gilles Kittel, DG REGIO, European Commission


Policy Making Perspectives for Investment Conditions
This session will treat topics related to Measures on Diversification of Energy Generation Mix and Customer Approach; Energy Transition and Sustainability driven by Climate Change; European Green Deal.

Enea Karakaçi, General Director for Energy and Industry, Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure of Albania
Arben Kllokoqi, Director for Electricity Market Design, European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET)
Maria De Melo, Principal, Energy Policy, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Vasiliki Manavi, DG ENER Expert, European Commission
Gazmend Daci, Senior Energy Specialist, The World Bank Albania

Enea Karakaçi
Arben Kllokoqi
Gazmend Daci
Maria De Melo
Vasiliki Manavi


Industry Challenges and Contributions from Business
moderated by Ante Frens, Chairman, Shell Companies in Albania
This session will address the different perspectives of the Investors in hydro, wind, solar and gas.

Dietmar Reiner, Managing Director, VERBUND Green Power Austria
Dr. Constantin von Alvensleben, Country Manager, VOLTALIA Albanie
Simen Braein, Senior Vice President, Europe, STATKRAFT
Konstantinos Mavros, CEO, PPC Renewables
Ante Frens, Chairman, Shell Companies in Albania
Simen Braein
Konstantinos Mavros
Ante Frens


Regional Market Prospect on Response for Energy Security and Sustainability
(Role of Energy Market Exchange Functioning (ALPEX) in the Region’s Energy Security and sustainability).
moderated by Faruk Serdarevic , Regional Team Lead, USAID's Connect for Growth Project (C4G)

Skerdi Drenova, Chief Executive Officer, Transmission System Operator (OST sh.a)
Hüseyin Özen, Supply Director, KESCO ENERGY
Elton Radheshi,  Secretary General, Energy Regulatory Entity (ERE)
Ergys Verdho, Administrator, Albanian Energy Corporation (KESH Sh.a)
Skerdi Drenova
Hüseyin Özen
Elton Radheshi
Ergys Verdho


Power Market Model, Operators and Players

Sokol Dishnica, Chief Executive Officer, Albanian Power Exchange (ALPEX)
Anita Shushku,Chair, Albanian Renewable Energy Association (AREA)
Nagip Krasniqi, Chief Executive Officer, Kosovo Energy Corporation - KEK JSC
Orhan Murtezani, Chief Executive Officer, AD Mepso Skopje
Evetar Zeqiri, Chief Executive Officer, KOSTT
Sokol Dishnica
Anita Shushku
Nagip Krasniqi
Orhan Murtezani
Evetar Zeqiri


Security of Investment’s Stability
moderated by Spiro Brumbulli, Secretary General, Albanian Association of Banks
This session will focus on the perspectives and role of Consulting and Financing on Investment in Renewables and Power Sectors.

Sokol Elmazaj, Partner, Boga & Associates
Anes Jusic, Associate Director, Energy Europe, EBRD
Laura Qorlazja, Country Officer, International Finance Corporation Albania
Alessandro Grillo, Head of Corporate & SME Division, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania
Anes Jusic
Alessandro Grillo
Sokol Elmazaj
Laura Qorlazja
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